X edition 2021

LIVE & STREAM | March 7th - June 22th

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March 7th, 2021 - 5.00 pm

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Sperling & Kupfer

Moderator: Carlo Tocco

What can freediving teach? What can we learn from the experience of a man who decides to challenge the laws of nature to understand how far he can go?

Umberto Pelizzari has learned a lot from freediving and continues to learn, and during his long career, studded with world records and successes, he has done nothing but compete with his own limits to try to move them a little further, faithful to the belief that something may appear impossible, but only until the contrary is proven.

For him, every dive has the irresistible flavor of discovery, it is an opportunity to look inside and confront hopes, limits and ambitions.

In the pages of this book, we will retrace the sporting and human adventure of the author and we will read stories of enterprising men who have managed to disprove science and widespread beliefs.

March 7th at 5 pm

UMBERTO PELIZZARI presents "Con la forza del respiro" (Sperling & Kupfer 2021). Moderator: Carlo Tocco.

March 21st at 5 pm

ANTONIO CAPRARICA presents "La regina imperatrice" (Sperling & Kupfer 2020). Moderator: Marco Loi.

March 25th at 5 pm

GIUSEPPE CONTE presents "Dante in love" (Giunti 2021). Moderator: Claudio Moica.

April 3rd at 5 pm

FRANCESCO ABATE presents "I delitti della salina" (Einaudi 2020). Moderator: Marcello Murru.

April 15th at 5 pm

JACOPO VENEZIANI presents "Divulgo" (Sperling & Kupfer 2020). Moderator: Manuela Perria.

April 23rd at 5 pm

SVEVA CASATI MODIGNANI presents "Il Falco" (Sperling & Kupfer 2020). Moderator: Claudia Sanna.

May 2nd at 5 pm

LUCA TELESE presents "Someone was a communist" (Solferino 2021). Moderator: Carlo Floris.

May 16th at 5 pm

SANDRO RENATO GARAU presents "Agemina" (Pettirosso Editore 2020). Moderator: Giampaolo Atzei.

May 30th at 5 pm

LUCA MIRARCHI presents "Nessun destino è segnato. Le storie di casa Emmaus" (Alfa Editrice 2021). 

Moderator: Annamaria Sabiu.

June 6th at 5 pm

MANUELA POMPAS presents "Storie di reincarnazione" (Tecniche Nuove 2018). Moderator: Claudio Moica.

June 22nd at 5 pm

MARIA SUSANA AZZI presents "Astor Piazzolla" (Sillabe  2021). Moderator: Fabio Furia.

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