The "Contramilonga" Association, the LiberEvento Cultural Festival and the Rombi heirs with the patronage of the Municipality of Calasetta

They indicate


“A vuxe de Câdesédda. In memory of Bruno Rombi "

Art. 1 - The national literary prize called “A vuxe di Cadesédda. In memory of Bruno Rombi ”, which is aimed at writers and poets of all nationalities.

Art. 2 - The prize is divided into two sections:
Poetry and short stories in ITALIAN LANGUAGE;
Poetry and short stories in TABARCHINE LANGUAGE.

Art. 3 - The prize is dedicated exclusively to adults. In any case, a special “Youth” section, out of competition, is set up, dedicated to the works of children (8-13 years) and young people (14-17 years).

Art. 4 - The theme is free for all sections.

Art. 5 - Each author can participate by sending up to a maximum of two lyrics for the poetry section and four A4 folders for the short stories section. The “Garamond” font with character 13 must be used.

Art. 6 - Participants must send the application form attached to these regulations to the Competition secretariat by signing the attestation that the works are unpublished and that they are the property of the authors to the following email address:

In the e-mail, exclusively for adults, the work must be attached in duplicate: one with the personal data of the participant (name, surname, address, telephone number and email) and the other only the work in anonymous form. Each author is responsible for what is contained in their works.

In the event of registration by a minor, the registration form must be signed by the person exercising parental authority.


Art. 7 - The works will not be returned. The secretariat reserves the right to publish the works deemed best.

Art. 8 - Participants must sign a release with which they authorize the “Contramilonga” Association to publish the works in an anthology or in another form and in the media still existing today. Any form of compensation for published works is excluded.
The proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be reinvested in activities related to the award.

Art. 9 - The works must be sent to the secretariat in the forms provided for by art. 6 of these regulations, no later than 30 May 2021 (unless otherwise issued by the secretariat).

Art. 10 - The date of proclamation of the winners is set for the first ten days of August 2021 in the municipality of Calasetta (SU) on the occasion of the 10th edition of the “LiberEvento” cultural festival. The secretariat is required to communicate to the participants the outcome and the location where the award ceremony of the competition will take place.

Art. 11 - The works will be evaluated at the unquestionable and unappealable judgment of the jury. The names of the jury will be communicated on the day of the award ceremony.

Art. 12 - The first classified in each section will be awarded.

Poetry and short stories Section Italian language:
First Poetry Prize: 250 €
First prize short stories: 250 €

Section Poetry and Tales Tabarchina Language:
First Poetry Prize: 250 €
First prize short stories: 250 €

The prizes must be collected personally or by a third person upon delegation. Those who do not show up will automatically lose the prize. All participants will be sent a certificate of participation. Those enrolled in the “Youth” section will receive a parchment and books as recognition for their participation.

Art. 13 - The “Established authors” category will participate out of competition with the formula by personal invitation. The texts of the established authors will be read by an actor on the day of the award ceremony.

Art. 14 - Information pursuant to Law 675/96 on the protection of personal data. The processing of data, of which we guarantee the utmost confidentiality, is carried out exclusively for the purposes relating to the competition in which you participate. Participants' data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties for any reason and they can request their cancellation or modification free of charge by writing to the association.

Art. 15 - Any communication or official variation on the provisions of this regulation will be communicated directly to the participants at least one week in advance.

Art. 16 - For any controversy the Court of Cagliari will be competent.

For further information, visit the on-line site or write to the email address or call nr. 329/7135426

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